Schneider Electric - Modicon Users Group

Have you ever found yourself looking for an avenue to execute a Modicon solution, or what the best practice is for something you have been doing for a while?  Would you like to hear from others in your field on how they approach a project and not just someone in tech support?  If you’ve had any of these questions the Modicon Users Group is for you.

MUG is a forum that is made up of customers utilizing Modicon in the field, as well as Schneider’s automation tech support teams, providing insight on best practices from both peers in the field and Schneider’s support teams.  The Modicon Users Group puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the ability to ask questions and provide insight to your specific day-to-day issues versus looking at a list of pre-canned responses that may or may not address what you really need.

By registering, you will be joining a community of Modicon Users that will be learning about the latest automation hardware/software that Schneider Electric has to offer.

Register for the Modicon Users Group here.