Smart-UPS Industrial by APC

With the rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the convergence of IT and OT, companies increasingly rely on 24/7 monitoring on the status of their field operations. Power events such as brownouts and blackouts can cause loss of communication and even significant safety hazards. With the Smart-UPS Industrial UPS you can ensure that your assets are provided with reliable power even in extreme conditions or remote locations.

Key Features
  • -37°C - 74°C (-34°F - 165°F) Temperature Range
  • Conformally Coated (Protects against Dust/Humidity)
  • Typically Installed in NEMA Rated Enclosures
  • Double Conversion Online
  • External Batteries for Long Runtimes of 1 Hour to 24 Hours
  • 2 types:
    • 120Vac input & output (1300W and 1800W)
    • 120Vac input & 48Vdc (768W)/24Vdc(144W)/120Vac(180W) output

Smart-UPS Industrial Site