Quality Assurance

Grant Industrial Controls prides itself in the quality we can provide our customers when it comes to value add. With that in mind, our work is completed in line with current ISO standards.

Value Add

Grant Idustrial Controls offers value-add solutions for our OEM customers in both our Pittsburgh and Erie location. Our value-add capabilities include:

Value Add
  • Custom Pushbutton Assemblies
  • Custom Terminal Block Assemblies
  • Panelboard Assembly
  • Custom Engraving and Wire Marking
  • Enclosure Modification
  • Custom Wired Junction Boxes
  • Motor Control Center Modification
  • Combination Starters
  • Kitting

Control Design, Inc.

Control Design Inc. acts as an extension to engineering companies and distributors. CDI manages your project from beginning to end; from component ordering and expediting through manufacture, test and packaging of your project. CDI, being a specialty manufacturer, is primarily a service business, selling the ability to manufacture customer products and projects. These projects include:

  • Industrial Control Stations
  • Automation Panels
  • Pneumatic Control Stations and Panels
  • Custom Motor Control Centers
  • Mill Accessory Control Panels
  • Operator Interface Consoles
Control Design Inc

Your project can be manufactured from provided drawings and specifications, or from engineering sketches with formal drawings supplied by CDI. Through established relationships with local engineering teams, turnkey engineering can be provided with CDI participating in overall control system packaging and field installation. Control Design offers a complete drafting service including:

  • Outline and Arrangement Drawings
  • Interior Component Arrangements
  • Bill of Materials and Nameplate Legends
  • Electrical Schematic Diagrams
  • Point-to-Point Wiring Diagrams
  • Pneumatic Control Diagrams
  • Graphic/Mimic Display Arrangements

Please call Dave Nemcsik or Bill Russell a call at (412)-788-2280 for additional information on CDI’s capabilities, to request a quote or to schedule a visit.

CDI Custom Engraving and Marking Capabilities

Custom Engraving

  • Industrial Nameplates & Legends
  • Office Signs & Directories
  • Personal Name Tags
  • Mimic Panels
  • Many universal hazard and warning logos available for tag integration

Fonts & Symbols

  • Over 50 Character Fonts
  • Unlimited Text Height
  • Company Logos
  • Foreign languages
  • Custom Graphics & Symbols
  • AutoCAD® Compatible
  • Mimic panel and logo design by CDI or your supplied files

Graphic Import File Types

  • AutoCAD®
  • Drawing Files (DWG)
  • Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)

Maximum Size

  • 24 Inches Wide × 12 Inches High

Material Types

  • Multi-ply Plastic Laminate (Phenolic) 132116332 Thick
    • 2 – ply – Single sided surface engraving
    • 3 – ply – Double sided surface engraving
    • Reverse – Sub-surface engraving
  • Lexan / Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum

Engraving Processes

  • Surface Engraving
  • By means of a rotating carbide cutter, surface material is removed thus exposing the core color. Engraving width is varied by cutter size and depth of cut.

  • Sub-Surface Engraving (Reverse Engraving)
  • By means of a rotating carbide cutter, sub-surface material is removed thus exposing the transparent surface. Paint fill is required after engraving. Engraving width is varied by cutter size and depth of cut.

  • Diamond Drag
  • By means of a non-rotating diamond cutter, the surface is scored. This process is primarily used on stainless steel.

  • Diamond Burnishing
  • By means of a rotating diamond burnisher, the surface is sanded. This process is primarily used on anodized aluminum. Oxidation is required after engraving.